In 1983 what we now call Olsen Family Farm began it's story. Dad was born and bred in our native Saugerties. Mom, or Mamsie as we call her, was born in Old Italian Brooklyn and became an upstate transplant a few years later. Dad's parents gifted them property cut from their 50 acres of unspoiled land. Together they built their dream home and started a family. 

Five children came and went and as the folks started to feel the age-old “empty nest syndrome” they began inviting new members into the family. It started with a small wooden box full of chicks delivered to our local post office one spring morning. After that, a few dairy goats made a home in the barn. Throughout the past four years the homestead has seen many new family members of these kinds come and go. Our land has been home to several hundred chickens, meat and layer alike, rabbits and their kits, and a hive of honeybees hard at work in the flower gardens. A handful of happy hogs have wallowed in the mud beneath our oak trees. We’ve been lucky enough to take part in the births of ten kids to our mother goats, with our matriarch being here since day one.

Our herd of “extended” outdoor family members started out as a hobby, but has flourished into a sustainable business, much to our satisfaction. At Olsen Family Farm, we enjoy our relationships with our animals and feel responsible for the good stewardship of our lands. We strive to provide the animals with honest lives. Nothing is wasted and everything is cherished. Clean, natural and pure would be a few good words to describe our mission. We’re not here to sell a product; we’re here to enhance a lifestyle.